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Join us for this webinar workshop on Monday, 20th of September, 2.00PM - 3.00PM, to learn about the benefits of Azure Arc Preview and how you can manage all your resources in a hybrid environment. Seamlessly govern and manage on-premises and cloud resources including Linux and Windows virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters, and databases within Azure.

What will you learn? 

Manage your entire environment, with a single pane of glass, by projecting your existing non-Azure, on-premises, or other-cloud resources into Azure Resource Manager.
Use familiar Azure services and management capabilities, regardless of where they live.
Implement consistent inventory, management, governance, and security for your servers across your environment. 
Azure Arc Workshop: Manage all your resources in a hybrid environment

Azure Arc simplifies governance and management by delivering a consistent multi-cloud and on-premises management platform. Register today for the 20th of September to learn more.

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